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[Above: Artwork by Courtney Powell, titled “White Noise”]

About the artist

Courtney Powell attended York University for four years, and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Specialized Honours in Visual Arts. She continues to challenge the world around her with paint. She questions the depths of consciousness, the height of her irrational fears, and the sensitivity of her insecurities with a brush and explosion of colours.

When/how did you become interested in art?

I studied art in university, however I have always enjoyed painting and drawing.  Even at a young age, I scribbled with crayons and arranged my food to look like characters or animals.

What is the biggest inspiration for your art? What do you find yourself reflecting on the most – if there is one thing in particular?

I love using the imagination as an inspiration.  There are no limits to what you can imagine and achieve.  The mind has no limits

How did you hear about Piece of Mind?

I stumbled across a posting on the internet. I was instantly intrigued as I often question my own mental health.  And what “mental health” really means.

What made you want to submit work to the exhibitions?

A large portion of my work deals with depression, emotions, happiness, and other mental states. It is important to challenge yourself and your happiness in order to grow.

What was the inspiration for your “White Noise” piece?

I was away from home and missed my family. I was also stressed out from school and needed a way to vent.  All the voices in my head crowded together and I felt so off balance. I transferred this anxiety onto the canvas.

Was there a particular reason for the colours and/or patterns you used in your piece?

My mind felt so loud.  I needed to use loud colours to exude this volume.

Has seeing your work displayed at the exhibitions impacted you at all? (How does seeing it displayed make you feel – is there a sense of satisfaction for example?)

It makes me feel satisfied knowing that a scattered state of mind resulted in something positive.

Is there a particular message you want to come across to those who view your pieces?

I want viewers to challenge themselves. Look beyond what is in front of you.  Challenge your imagination and let the voices speak to you.  Create something beautiful out of something dragging you down.

More about Courtney: 

Courtney will be hosting Piece of Mind’s workshop: Learn to Paint – The Psychological Expression of Art at the Mount Pleasent Library on May 12th 2015. Registration is open to the public and no cost. To reserve your spot call the Mount Pleasant Library.

-Interviewed by Vanessa Hazell 

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