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How to Be More Positive

“Be positive”, the most common advice we hear from people when we are in unfortunate circumstances. It seems that people always think that one’s resilience is measured by the positivity or [...]

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Behind the Artists Easel – Courtney Powell

[Above: Artwork by Courtney Powell, titled “White Noise”] About the artist Courtney Powell attended York University for four years, and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a [...]

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Emotional Detox

[Photo courtesy: Leiden Muco]  For many, March is simply the beginning of a new season; the season that romances the warmer weather and the flowers of the marvelously formed cherry blossom trees. [...]

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Get Comfortable with Dr. Marilyn Chotem: An Interview with a Registered Psychologist

What do you enjoy most about practicing psychology? The part I love most is being in the timeless present with a client in psychotherapy. Were there many challenges that came with it? How did you [...]

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When Words Don’t Speak

“What does psychological health mean to you?” Words empty of meaning veil the elusive truth. Neither the speaker nor the listener can penetrate the protective defense. The sometimes unbearable [...]

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“Your Feelings are Legitimate”

Sorry I’m Not Sorry – Refusing to Apologize for Feelings I went for my first tattoo the other day, slightly nervous, but excited to commit a piece of art to my skin for all eternity. But here’s [...]

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Stress Cupcakes

A desperate gnawing in the pit of my gut, a turbulent fidgeting of my extremities, a sinking weight of the world on my shoulders. This is how I feel stress. Mostly, it’s about a lack of control. [...]

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Stressed Out?

Historically, when people feel like they are in over their head with work or that the going has gotten too tough to bear, they often feel the need to escape their ordinary life and reside on a [...]

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