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[Photo courtesy: Leiden Muco] 

For many, March is simply the beginning of a new season; the season that romances the warmer weather and the flowers of the marvelously formed cherry blossom trees.

For me, I’m dealing with midterm stress, alongside an unnecessarily expensive planner filled with deadlines that are yelling my name every single day. Spring tends to be the awakening season for me; I start cleaning out my closet, drawers and and even my bed (surprisingly not because my mother yelled at me) but because the gloomy winter days make me slothful, helping me turn my room into a complete garbage patch.

I have been ‘spring cleaning’ since I was in high school, but last year I thought to myself that if I owe it to my materialistic self then I owe my mind a cleanse as well. To get along with my ’emotional spring cleaning’, first I started with a notepad and I wrote down everything that bothered me with no judgement, filter or censoring. Writing without self-censorship helped me realize what was going on in my mind and it helped me revise my problems. Then, I created a list consisting of two goals for each emotional issue I wanted to dissolve. (For example: Problem= I get angry way more than usual lately. Goal= I will count to ten before reacting) Since the weather actually allowed me to go on quiet walks I made sure to take advantage of the opportunity. I realized that all I needed was some time away from the clutter of school, work and people; I just needed to be alone for awhile. I started to become more calm and sensible and I realized that I do not need to be strong and keep in the piled up emotions and that it is crucial to sometimes fall apart and unravel at the seams.

It is important to clean our homes and our physical surroundings, but taking some time to cleanse our inner home; our mind and its interior impressions, will do nothing but goodness to your health. We often get caught up in the whirlwind of meeting deadlines and impressing others that we are left with little to no time for ourselves.

Ultimately, I invite you to declutter your mind along with the dust bunnies and surround yourself with positive, reinvigorating energy just in time for the beautiful and blossoming season of spring!

-Manisha Silva


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