Piece of Mind: McGill University

November 7th, 2014

BCPA partnered with the team at Jack.org to bring the Piece of Mind Art Exhibition to McGill University. Students discussed what does psychological health mean to them and were invited to draw or write their thoughts on a post it note canvas.



Zaliqa: “Don’t let me crumble” (mixed media/acrylic paint)
Carolyn barr: “Safety briefing” (painting)

Ruo (Alice) wang:
“The phoenix” (watercolour paint)
“Tranquility” (watercolour paint)

Eleanor milman:
“Corpus Callosum Jail”
“Nintendal cross section”

Michael Rozen:
“Unconscious”: Acrylic on canvass 16″X24″
“Ouvert”: Acrylic on canvass 18″X24″
Untitled: Acrylic on canvass 16″X24″
“Rue Stanley” : Acrylic on canvass 16″X24″

Ellie Martin: Brain

Queenie Wong:
“Shades of Blue” (acrylic canvass)
“Psychosis” (acrylic canvass)

Eliza Kingston: weiner dog embroidery