A Novel, Lively & Inspirational

May 1st -17th 2014 | Opening Reception – May 10th 2014

The POM panel discussion was a novel, lively and inspirational addition to this year’s POM event. Executive Director of the British Columbia Psychological Association, Rick Gambrel, and Daniela Esparo, Manager of Program and Learning Services of the Vancouver Public Library, acknowledged the talented and thought-provoking artwork submitted and displayed as well as the importance of the event for providing a platform which facilitates increased awareness of the importance of mental health.

A special thank you to everyone that participated in the panel discussion, namely Courtney Powell, creator of “White Noise,” Ron Schwartz, creator of “Nevada Highway,” Stephanie Trembath, creator of “Breath Through,” and Dr. Marilyn Chotem, Registered Psychologist. The discussion was clearly driven by individuals motivated to share personal experiences with their triumphs and challenges associated with the pursuit of psychological wellbeing. When asked about the inspiration behind artwork submitted to the POM event, the panel discussion illuminated that the medium allowed for artists to express their thoughts and needs in ways in which words were not enough, that painting helps channel inner strength and provides a medium that resolves conflict and facilitates healing through a creative process. When asked to discuss the role that creativity plays in psychological health, the panel discussion revealed that creativity facilitates the relief of inner stress, that it provides a needed escape and that the creativity intrinsic to artistic expression helps maintain balance that is critically important in maintaining psychological health. Dr. Chotem provided insights into the structure of the brain and described the role of the right hemisphere in facilitating creativity and introspection; elements that are inherent to both artistic expression and many psychotherapeutic interventions.

The panel discussion at this year’s POM event evoked a thoughtful and inspirational conversation on how artistic expression can facilitate psychological wellbeing as well as a greater sense of awareness of mental health. Thanks to the courageous and motivated individuals who participated and unequivocally helped to break down the barriers and stigma associated with mental health; providing further momentum for next year’s highly anticipated event as well as similar community initiatives in the future.

Correne DeCarlo



Aziz dHamani: Journey of Life
Harold Coego: Consolation
Karen Holland:
Ups & Downs:The Good with the Bad
River runs Through

Hector Johnson (gapahe):
vita all’interno (life inside/within)
siyaphapha (we are flying)

Stephanie Trembath: Breakthrough
Mike Wakefield: 70 Years of Together
Nina Cheb-Terrab: You’re Perfect

Emma Kelly: Repetition is the Mother of Success
Vanessa Lam: Courage
Bob Leier: Dream Away
Donna Mayhem: Balance
Annika McFarlane: Possibilities
Pongsakorn Yananissorn: Take a Minute
Yuliya Badayeva:
Complete Singularity
Know no to Defeat

Casey Bowman: La Loon. My Love

Suzan Milburn:
Nothing Stays the Same
All is calm, All is right

Olliemoonsta (Naza del Rosal & Juan RIco): Vibrations
Courtney Powell: White Noise
Mima Preston: Me-ryln
Jacquelyn Ravenstein: Dreamlife
May Savage: Girl at the Edge
Ron Schwartz: Nevada Highway
David Stevens: Arbutus Grove
Marilynn Tebbit: Inner Serenity