Piece of Mind: UBC’s AMS Gallery

October 27th – November 7th 2014 | Opening Reception – November 1st 2014

“It’s a way for me to be who I am without expectation…With art, I can just be who I am.”
–Dana Chang, Artist

The British Columbia Psychological Association (BCPA) partnered with the Alma Mater Society Art Gallery at the University of British Columbia (UBC) for the first time this year to present the POM Art Exhibition! There was a vibrant buzz of energy in the air as visitors of all ages surveyed the artwork and spoke directly with the artists themselves about their art and the meaning behind it. A new addition to this year’s exhibition was the POM interactive art canvas in a “post-it-note” style, where visitors had the opportunity to share a piece of their mind on post-it notes and stick it onto a large canvas in the shape of a P (for Piece of Mind).

After the success of the panel discussion at the POM event in May, BCPA knew that it was essential to bring this feature to UBC as well. Douglas Cave, BCPA Board Member, registered psychologist, and professor at the UBC Faculty of Medicine, thanked the artists for their creative, conversation-stirring artwork pertaining to mental health and highlighted the importance of such events in facilitating public discussion about mental health issues. Four talented artists (Dave, Carmen, Dana, and Ron) participated in the panel discussion, with Douglas serving as a moderator.

These individuals shared their individualized creative processes and their perspectives on art and psychology. When asked about what art and psychology mean to them, the registered psychologist identified the importance of self-care, while the artists discussed how art is a form of communication and how the process of creating art can be cathartic and liberating.

“Art is a very real and tangible place for starting dialogue and hearing different perspectives.”
-Carmen, UBC Counselling Center

When asked about what the creative process means to them, the registered psychologist shared that experiencing creativity helps promote balance. The artists revealed that the creative process allows them to explore and experience the world in a different way, and it allows them to express themselves freely, free of expectations.

“With art, there’s no one answer or technical solution.”
-David Stevens, Artist

In terms of the effect of sharing their artwork with others, the artists disclosed that art is a form of communication, so they enjoy hearing the perspectives of others.The artists also shared that the art process can start in a number of ways- with a concept, with no plan, or with a heavy structure-, stated that the best time to create art varies from artist to artist, and said that art can feel like work when there is pressure placed on oneself to be perfect, but it is easier to create when it feels fun.

“It’s an exploration of something I don’t know the end point of. It’s sort of free-flowing and liberating.” – Ron Schwartz

This year’s POM exhibition at UBC was a great success thanks to all of the brave and talented artists who submitted and showcased their artwork and shared their perspectives at the panel discussion, and thanks to all of the visitors who participated in the event. We look forward to seeing you all at next year’s POM event in May 2015!



Yuliya Badayeva
Casey Bowman
Nina Cherab
Harold Coego
Karen Holland
Hector Johnson
Vanessa Lam
Bob Lier
Annika McFarlane
Suzan Milburn
Courtney Powell
Mary Savage

David Stevens
Ron Swartz
Marilyn Tebbit
Stephanie Trembath
Mike Wakefield
Pongsakorn Yananissorn
Olliemoonsta Naza del Rosal & Juan Rico
Tiffany Huynh (UBC Artist)
Kimberly Nipp (UBC Artist)
Coco Wang (UBC Artist)
Dana Chan (UBC Artist & Panel)